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One of Calico Cutie
One of Calico Cutie's kittens! Adopted with his brother and happily living their life!

One of Calico Cutie
One of Calico Cutie's kittens! Living a Happy life with his brother!

Friends & Supporters help raise money for VVSA!
Friends & Supporters help raise money for VVSA!


Trinkets to Treasures: Antique Roadshow Buying Event and VVSA Fundraiser

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Silent Auction Continues Online

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Please watch our "For The Animals" TV show on the Rescue Efforts in Brazil at:

Brazil Rescue

There is very disturbing video of the dog's plight at: Animal Brutality. We also have several articles at: Articles Page

The photo (top right) says (paraphrased as best I can from the Portuguese:

"Bruno Menegassi and Correa do Mar are in Santa Cruz do Arari, rescuing animals that have been taken to a desert island to starve to death. All animals deserve a life and they deserve a new chance! Join with these people in hopes that God will preserve these defenseless ones from such awful cruelty. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart!"

YOU can help the dogs that are still in danger, by signing our petition against this brutal treatment:


lso, donations to the dog rescuing operation can be wired to the following:


AGENCIA 6970-1

CC: 17536-6


Telephone number of the person who is receiving the money in Brazil (91)9137-6535

address: Passagem Pombo, 160

Bairro Umarizal, 66055-460 - Belem/PA/BR


Welcome to VVSA, the Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society. We strive to improve all aspects of the lives of animals and encourage harmonious relationships between them and their human companions.

Incorporated in 1986, VVSA Humane Society is a 501 (c)(3) organization. We are adult and children volunteers who care deeply about animals and our community.

Since our inception in 1986 as a non profit humane society, VVSA has been a forerunner in animal welfare and protection in Vermont. VVSA receives no federal, state, nor municipal funding, but relies on its own fundraising efforts, donations and volunteers.

Our work encompasses humane legislation, senior citizens' companion animal programs, feral cat rehabilitation, wildlife assistance, animal adoption and the first spay neuter assistance program in the state of Vermont.

Created in 2006, VSNIP, the Vermont Spay Neuter Incentive Program, enables income eligible people that provide care for cats and dogs to receive financial assistance in which to have these animals neutered and vaccinated. Through VSNIP, we helped over 18,000 people in Vermont with costs of spaying and neutering.

VVSA is dedicated to working on behalf of animal welfare and humane education. Our involvement in combating animal abuse has earned us a reputation as a reliable resource in animal law enforcement, crisis intervention, and abuse prevention. We follow up on all leads regarding cruelty cases, child endangerment involving animals, and other situations that may require our intervention with the animals.

The cornerstone of our efforts is to educate and promote the importance of spay & neuter, thus creating an awareness in Vermont about cat and dog overpopulation. These companion animals enhance the quality of our lives, and often their company provides our senior citizens with a quality of life that would otherwise be non-existent.

VVSA has over 30 years of work in the field of Animal Welfare. Our goal has been to build cooperation through collaborative efforts of diverse resources to help people in need. Working with several organizations around the state, VVSA has built a broad base of member and community support which has grown to include veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, educators and law enforcement, among others.

We believe in diversity and cultural competency and engaging a broad spectrum of people in our work. We believe that children are the future of humane awareness and that education and hands-on experience will provide the opportunity to learn responsibility, commitment, and a sense of caring for sentient creatures, as well as the environment and a sense of community service.



Pet Meds supports the Vermont Volunteer Services for Animal Humane Society. Thank you Pet Meds!


VVSA Humane Society thanks the Upper Valley Humane Society for their donation of animal food, that, in turn, enables us to help those in need with food for their companion animals. We are deeply grateful!




Some of our recent efforts to assist animals in need include:

VVSA Humane Society has had another busy year with our efforts to provide assistance to animals in need in Vermont. Some of the many efforts that we have been involved with this year are:

* VVSA investigated a case in Chester, Vermont, with the Chester Police Department involving inadequate shelter and other issues for a number of animals, including: horses, ducks, chickens, dogs, and goats.

* In Strafford, VT, we worked to resolve an issue (which has been a problem for 3 years) with numerous barn cats in need of spay/neuter and medical assistance.

* VVSA took in 12 cats and a dog, in early summer, when an elderly woman went into the nursing home and could no longer care for them. We needed to build a temporary shelter for their fostering by a long time VVSA friend, and we only recently placed the last two of these cats in a loving home in October.

* We facilitated in a number of adoptions throughout the year.

* We boarded a dog for a woman from Rutland, whose housing situation was unstable for three months.

* VVSA assisted in writing up and distributing a Department of Public Safety survey, meant to collect information on animal issues and education of all animal related personnel (Law Enforcement, Animal Control Officers, Humane Societies) in Vermont.

* We recently concluded the 130th episode of For The Animals public access TV show a show that helps the educate the public on humane treatment of animals, as well as highlighting the issues of animal welfare and awareness.

* We assisted with the spay/neuter and medical care of numerous animals throughout the year.

* We distributed dog and cat food to local food shelves and families in need throughout the area.

These are just a sampling of the working programs that we continue to be involved in for the benefit of animals across our state, and we thank you for helping us to continue this important work. For info on our efforts to assist animals in need, please go to our "Programs" page at: Programs to Assist Animals in Need

For a brief introduction to our Public Access TV show,

For The Animals, please click below (we are currently reconfiguring access to our videos, and hope to have them available for viewing soon - our apologies for the inconvenience.):

Introducing For the Animals
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